How many people in America have grown up dreaming of owning a home with a yard and a White Picket Fence?

With the traditional American Style Picket Fence being one of the most popular types of fencing sold today, it is easy to see how this timeless design has captured the heart of millions of Americans.
With the materials and designs used today, the new American Style Fences are far from the wood picket fences of days gone by. In addition to the traditional wood picket fence, our American Style Fences come in PVC and Aluminum. The styles and even colors can now be customized to the design of even the most traditional American homes.

The Design team at Gomez and Son will work with you to find the perfect stock fence for your home or business or customize and fabricate a Fence Design specifically for you.

When it is time to live that American Dream, and all that is missing from your home is that Picket Fence, Gomez and Son will be standing by to turn that dream into a reality.