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Quality Crafted Fence

Quality Crafted Fence

Nobody other than Gomez Fence can provide a Quality Crafted Fence to the unbeatable standards we have set! Gomez Fence has been in south Florida providing fences to the Miami area for over thirty years. We’ve built relationships with some of the best companies, neighborhoods, and organizations both public and private and they have all appreciated the quality crafted fence w install and provide for them. We utilize only the best materials sources from reputable suppliers. We fabricate our fences with custom designs catered precisely to your needs, and this even includes locks and gating mechanisms as well.

When your location requires mroe than just the average fence, that’s when a Quality crafted  Fence by Gomez is needed for sure! Often times this is because a location has a specific need for a fenc type to meet permits, fire safety, or other type of regulatuatory concerns. Our fences only utilize the highest grade galvanized metals such as iron steel and aluminum.

When you contact Gomez Fence in order to get an idea of what we can provide, the process goes as follows:

  1. We listen to the clients needs, taking down detailed information about the property to provide a general idea of the scope of service.
  2. Next, we will provide an estimate based on the data we gather from the initial consultation
  3. After this, the next step is an on-site visit From there we can take accurate measurement’s to refine the information.
  4. We can then provide CAD based drawings to you, showing in detail what our plan for the design of your new quality crafted fence will be.
  5. If the design is approved, we can also provide a mockup.
  6. With the final mockup approved, we can provide a finalized quote for the project.
  7. Next our production team begins fabricating the fence and galvanizing the metal. If you have chosen a color coating for the fence, we also provide painting at this time.
  8. The last step is delivery and professional installation of your custom fence.

Our fences also include several safety features and options. For example this includes but is not limited to: iron panels, walk gates, panic bars, and crash-resistant double and rolling drive gates which exceed the Department of transportations requirements for safety. We pride ourselves on the work we provide, and that means your custom fence won’t just funcvtion well but look aestheticaly pleasing  too. All built to your specifications, and locations articular requirements.

While fabricated fences are our specialty, we also provide other fencing options as well. For example,  chain-link fence also known as cyclone fencing is one of the most commonly utilized fence options around the world. Popular at parks, schools, and  government facilities, chain-link fence provides protection and visibility. We also provide Temporary fences for special events or consturction sites too. For more information, reach out to Gomez Fence today!


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