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Miami Fence Fabrication Company

Every building owner needs fencing, whether they are a business or a homeowner, and a Miami fence fabrication company can meet all your fencing needs. While every institution has different standards and levels of protection that need to be met, a professional fencing company like Gomez & Son Fence are well equipped for the job. Especially when they are a renowned Miami fence fabrication company, so they can also fabricate what you require depending on the building you need to protect.


For example, a person’s home is not only a place you want security, but it is also an extension of your personality. People choose the aesthetics of their home all the time, whether it’s the furniture inside, or the paint, landscaping, gardening, and fencing outside. Common fencing that homeowners might use to perimeter their residence include wood fencing, vinyl fencing, metal fencing, chain link fencing, privacy fencing, spaced picket fencing, lattice fencing, and split rail fencing. They all have their pros and cons, but all relatively have a style and personality to them. After all, who hasn’t imagined a white picket fence around their home at least once?


But if you are operating a business or government institution, you might be thinking less about style and more about safety and efficiency. Depending on the institution, you will need to meet different standards. For example, an airport is an incredibly vulnerable place with people coming in and out from all over the country, and planes have to be kept safe from those trying to steal and tamper with them. Airports require several layers of perimeter fencing around the entire area of land as well as other security features like CCTV monitoring and so on.


A school, on the other hand, is quite different from an airport but just as important to keep secure. Over the last decade or so, school fencing has become increasingly more secure and hard to trespass through. Gates and alarm doors can be placed as well, to allow necessary personnel to pass through, but to discourage strangers from trying to break in.


Gomez & Son Fence is a Miami fence fabrication company that can fabricate the best fencing for your needs, whether for business or residence. They can also assist in chain link and perimeter fencing if the need arises. Servicing counties like Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach, there’s no better Miami fence fabrication company for the job. today. Gomez Fence is excited to be able to work with new clients and provide our amazing fence fabrication service to the businbess and residents of Miami, Florida. There’s a reason we’re still here after all this time, nobody makes a Fence like Gomez! Call today for a quote, or to learn more. Call 305-699-2739 for any inquiries

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