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Gomez and Son Fence offers a wide selection of Commercial Fence Choice and options available for installation and/or fabrication. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for questions or an estimate. But, who are we?

We are Gomez Fence. Providing high-quality Commercial Fence Choices to the various corporations, and government entities of the greater South Florida area for over 30 years!

Fences are incredibly important and serve just many purposes as there is a Variety of Fences to choose from. Since the 80s, when the Gomez family first began their journey, we have been providing top-quality fences made from only the most reliable and strongest materials sourceable for these important projects. W have spent our time not only building fences but laying the groundwork for many client-contractor relationships that have built our business by word-of-mouth advertising in a way that has really spoken for itself. Many members of the South Florida community have chosen to use Gomez fences, because of that name, and the trust that comes with purchasing a fence through our operation. There’s more to our company than fences, we build relationships that last as long as our products- a lifetime.

The Variety of Fences we carry can be broken down into basically three distinct categories. The first, and most popular by far, is ou chain-link fences. Most government organizations, housing developments, parks, and professional facilities tend to rely on our sturdy, industry-grade chain link fence. This fence provides a cost-effective solution to providing sturdy, nondescript perimeter protection for your location. These fences can come in a few colorways including steel grey, green, and blue.

Another popular fence category is temporary fencing. Temporary fencing is best used at construction sites, or pop-up events where the fence is only needed for a specific duration of time. Usually, this is to cover liability for protection, privacy, and safety of those attending and not part of the event or construction site. Particularly as it pertains to construction, its good to keep non-authorized personnel away from hazards where hard-hats only should be walking around.

Lastly, our highest quality fence option is our custom fabricated fences solution. Gomez and Son Fence offer s a turnkey operation for your location to have custom fence options designed exclusively for your needs. We can make custom gateways and fences out of the strongest and most aesthetic materials available. For a free quote, or to talk to one of our amazingly friendly representatives give Gomez and Son fence a call today at:

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