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Commercial fence Contractor

Commercial Fence Installations

Commercial Fence Installations

Commercial Fence Installations should be sold and performed by a trusted, reputable, contractor that provides the highest quality materials, Like Gomez and Son Fence. There are many types of fences that fit different needs and situations, and Gomez & Son Fence is a fence retailer that can help you with a top-quality fence custom-made to meet your needs.

Depending on what you need, we can assist in making not just chain link fencing, but temporary fencing and even custom-fabricated fences. Our professional services include on-site estimates, same-day quotes, field measurements, take-offs, shop drawings, mock-ups, custom fabrication team, galvanizing, powder coating, aluminum fabrication, office or onsite delivery crash resistant gates, in-house professional installers, temporary fence rentals for short-term projects, concrete service for fence installations, repairs to pre=existing fencing, emergency 24 hours on-call service, and 5-year limited warranty.

And when it comes to the kinds of installations we can manufacture, there is no limit to what we can make with our in-house fabrication team. Our custom fencing can come in the following specialties: commercial fencing, chain link, galvanized metal, vinyl covered, welded steel, aluminum, wood, bollards, steel, concrete-filled, painted tallow, gates, motorized, manual, temporary fencing, windscreens, colors, guardrails, electric motorized gates, residential fences, and emergency repair. Our full-service turn-key fabrication shop is sure to meet your expectations and help you feel safe and secure while giving you the style and luxury you want. In fact, our aluminum fences are from the top American-made manufacturers including Delgard, OnGuard, Specrail, Gilpin, and Xcel Aluminum Fencing. So whether you need it for your home, school, office, or parking lot, you can be assured we will provide heavy-duty protection.

Our clients range from a variety of different companies and organizations. We are able to build something that suits their needs no matter the reason. We have helped make fences for public schools, parks and recreation departments, waste management, airports, colleges, universities, construction companies, railroads, the golf association, UPS, and more!

Gomez & Son Fence has surpassed people’s expectations and have a reputation for outstanding customer service and satisfaction. This successful family fence retailer is an industry leader who is proud to serve customers and make them a quality fence they can be proud of. Gomez & Son Fence is a fence retailer fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida. We install custom fences and are proud to serve the South Florida Tri-County area from Palm Beach to Dade County. Call us with any questions at

… 305-471-8922 for a free estimate.

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