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Commercial Fence Products by Gomez 

Commercial Fence Products by Gomez

Commercial Fence products of various types and purposes are available through professional contractors Gomez and Son Fence. For over thirty years we’ve been building a relationship as strong as our custom fabricated commercial fence products. We’ve built this reputation with the residences and businesses of Miami, Dade, Broward. Depending on your various needs we have an equally varied selection. From Chain-link to temporary, to totally custom turn-key fabrication operations, we know a good fence! Read below to learn more about what we offer, and what type of fence products will be most beneficial to your particular situation and needs.

Our most common, and the world over most commonly installed type of fence, is chain link fence. This type of fence is far and away from the most popular and versatile of all of our available fence products. Most people are already very familiar with how a chain-link fence looks. This is because, as mentioned earlier, a chain-link fence is used quite a bit, and is well known because of how commonly it is installed all over the world. Facilities that have a large perimeter that needs to be fenced in, and isn’t considered with a specific custom aesthetic, tend to use chain link for its cost vs reliability. You’ve likely seen it at schools, playgrounds, and parks.

Temporary fencing is a goods consideration for temporary circumstances. When you are creating a pop-up event, such as a concert, festival, or convention, safety and privacy become a concern right away. If this event does not take place indoors, consider using temporary fencing as a way to reduce liability, provide safety, provide privacy, and clearly mark the boundaries of any given event. Temporary fencing is also commonly used on construction sites where issues like safety and liability regarding keeping nonauthorized personnel away from dangerous areas are a huge factor.

When quality and construction craftsmanship call for second to none, check out our custom fabrications. The pride of our business comes from the turn-key custom fabrication operation we’ve established. We can help custom design doorways, gate entryways, and the primary fence itself using the highest grade materials in the industry.

So no matter what your situation calls for, or your budget, Gomez & Son Fence is a solution that will work for you. There’s a reason we’re still here after all this time, nobody makes a Fence like Gomez & Son! Call today for a quote, or to learn more about our fence products!

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