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Commercial Fences

While we are primarily known for our Chain link and temporary Fences products, we also offer domestic-made fences from our Commercial Fences fabrication. That’s due in large part to the pride and passion we put into our work at Gomez and Son Fence. Who are we? Gomez and Son Fence has been operating in the Sunshine State for over 30 years. We’ve built more than just a few fences over the years, we have built long-lasting client relationships that will last the test of time like our products. We provide quality fences to some of the most highly regarded corporate clientele, and government organizations. We offer the highest quality and safety from a fencing product when you have an A Gomez and Son fence installed. Learn more about Custom Fabrication and our Turn-Key procedure.

Custom Commercial Fences and fabrications of fences are usually done when a location requires higher security and planning in order to meet its protection requirement. We use Iron panels, aluminum, and welded steel in our fabrications, and we use galvanized metal to make our chain link fencing. There are several phases to this process, all to ensure you get the highest quality products that match or even exceed your standards and requirements. We begin with the data provided by the customer. To determine an affordable quote, we also take measurements on-site and make measurements at the site to ensure we have accurate measurements. We create designs in CAD (computer-aided design) after we have our official measurements. After this, a small mock-up is created.

After producing the aluminum fencing, the fence is galvanized, before applying powder coating. If a particular color is chosen, we apply the coating using powder. Lastly, the fence is finished and installed. We offer a wide range of safety features and options within these fences, including iron panels, walk gates, panic bars, and rolling and double rolling gates that meet the safety requirements of the Department of Transportations.

We don’t only offer fencing products and services at Gomez and Son. We also provide temporary fencing solutions.  These are excellent for pop-up events, construction sites, concerts, or any other temporary situation in which you need a safety perimeter and methods of crowd control.  We also offer chain link fencing, which is perfect for parks, schools, and small residences. These options come in a variety of designs and colours. For more information about Gomez and Son and our fencing products, phone us at 305-471-8922. We want to help you protect your property today!

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