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Cyclone Fencing by Gomez and Son

Cyclone Fencing by Gomez and Son

Cyclone Fencing, also commonly known as chain-link fences, is the most popular and widely installed type of fence.

They are a cost-effective option made from galvanized aluminum that will not rust. They are very strong and durable in a variety of climates and can even last approximately 20 years! It provides security while being a much easier option to install and requires less maintenance. They’re primarily used for areas for pets, industrial settings, but their use can benefit many more. For example, due to how much light can get through, it is ideal for an area that needs to be secured by a fence but needs light to grow plant life, vegetables, etc.

There are many types of fences and various materials for which make them up, including trusty wood. While they have a lot of pros, wooden fences have a lot of disadvantages compared to chain-link fences. In fact, the materials to make them are more expensive and require regular maintenance in order to upkeep them. The wood may warp, bend, or sag with time, and is especially susceptible to moisture damage, which is not ideal for long-term options. Other than that, the installation is much more time-consuming.

So while wood fences can provide versatility in regards to their design and finishing options, Gomez & Son Fence can provide a chain link fence with more choices in color, material, and design than other companies, so your options aren’t limited. They can also offer colored chain link fence fabric, framework, fence fittings, gates, and even gate hardware for added customization. Colored fencing can be used in light or heavy commercial and industrial applications.

If you’re looking for a fence installer to assist in installing your fence, you can call Gomez & Son Fence who specialize in all sorts of fence types and can work on making something custom fit for your business or privacy needs. They have over 30 years of experience in installing custom fabricated fences as well as temporary fencing.

If cyclone fencing is what you need, or if you are interested in other options, Gomez & Son has a full-service fabrication shop that can create top-quality fencings like iron, aluminum, and steel fences and walk gates with panic bars, amongst other things. These options have many purposes and benefits while also being aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t have to compromise on safety and security and still have a stylish fence. No matter the job, you can call with any questions at…

… 305-471-8922 for a free estimate.

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