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Fence Fabrication and Installation

Fence Fabrication and Installation

There are many advantages to acquiring the service of a Fence fabrication and installation company. Fencing experts such as Gomez & Son Fence have the expertise and access to a variety of industrial as well as commercial grade materials. Their full-service Fence fabrication and installation shop is sure to deliver the finest fencing that will protect you, your loved ones, and your home or business.


Gomez & Son Fence’s full turn-key fabrication shop includes take-offs, estimates, measurements, shop drawings, mock-ups, powder coating, office or onsite delivery, crash-resistant gates, and galvanizing.


These services available to you mean that you are not only getting quality fencing but incredibly convenient and top-of-the-line service to show you that their customers’ happiness is the primary goal. One of these services includes galvanizing steel or iron. This step is important to know about when your fencing specialist recommends it to you as it is a necessary step to prevent steel or iron from rusting by coating it with zinc.

Galvanizing is a great process because it tends to be low cost and easy to apply but serves a great purpose for basically any product. It’s a one-time application that needs little to no maintenance and can last 50 to 100 years in the average environment, and even in harsher industrial environments, it can still last at least 20 to 40 years.


Basically how it works is that the zinc coating shields the metal underneath from the elements because zinc is more electronegative than iron and steel. Layers of metallic zinc and zinc-iron alloy have corrosion resistance and long life, so the galvanizing process makes a durable, abrasion-resistant coating that covers the final work.


Galvanizing carbon steel has been used for building things such as housing frames, household appliances, metal pails, truck and bus bodies, and electrical towers while hot-dip galvanizing is adaptable to coating products such as tanks, strips, fittings, wire cloth, structural assemblies, wire, sheets, pipes and tubes, hardware, and hollow-ware.


You can depend on Fence fabrication and installation services done by Gomez & Son Fence since they have over 30 years of installing aluminum and welded steel fencing, completing the process from start to finish. When you have experts in Fence fabrication and installation tackling the designing, galvanizing, fabricating, and delivery of your perimeter fencing, you know you’re in great hands. Gomez & Son is a renowned fence fabrication company based in South Florida and uses only the highest quality materials. Call 305-699-2739 for any inquiries today.

We know you’ll see why Gomez fence is the best option for your fabricated fences installation in all of South Florida!

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