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Fence Supply and Fabrication Professionals: Gomez and Son

Gomez and Son are the top Fence Supply and Fabrication professionals available for contracted work in South Florida. For over thirty years we have provided quality commercial fence supply and fabrication services to various business and government organizations in South Florida.  In 1983, we established their business in Doral- part of the greater Miami Florida.  Even with our small beginnings, our knowledge and passion for the craft of fence building,  combined with our dedication to our clients and their projects have led us to incredible heights. now, Gomez and Son Fence are leaders in the industry, and may very well be the top fence makers from the Florida keys all the way through Martin county. Nowhere in South Florida will you find better pricing, and people for the quality work and fencing product than what Gomez & Son can deliver.

Fencing- Made for Your Specific Needs

Gomez and Son’s materials and fabrications are quite literally second to none, we pride ourselves on our work. We are most well known for our Turn-Key Fabrication services which create customized in-house fencing using the highest grade industry materials. They can make iron fence panels, walk gates with panic bars, crash-resistant rolling, and drive gates that actually exceed the Department of transportations legal standards. Here are some examples of the services available from Turnkey Fabrication through Gomez & Son:

  • Take-Offs
  • Estimates
  • Field Measurements
  • Shop Drawings (CAD)
  • Mock-Ups
  • Galvanizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Office or Onsite Delivery
  • Crash-Resistant Gates

Chain-Link Fencing

Additionally, when it comes to more standard solutions, Gomez & Son provides the highest quality chain-link fencing options available. chain-link fencing is the most commonly used form of fencing in the world. It is often found in parks, schools, playgrounds, fitness areas, and so many other applications the list goes on without count.  As South Florida’s premier Fence supply dealer, Gomez& Son offers not just your standard run-of-the-mill chain-link fencing, but custom options as well. They can add gates, frameworks, fittings, and even color the chain-link fencing how you like.

Temporary Solutions

You might be looking into a Fence Supply provider not because of a major permanent project, but because of a temporary circumstance- such as an event- that might warrant a temporary fencing solution. Gomez & Son also specializes in the highest quality temporary fencing options available on the market today.  Temporary fencing is useful for events like concerts, or sporting events. Construction sites or other zones where non-permitted persons could be harmed, or are simply unauthorized are other common locations to use temporary fencing. The services Gomez & Son offer alongside our temporary fencing includes Theft prevention, Liability management, Security, privacy, and even Crowd and access control. don’t leave your event unprotected, or exposed to unauthorized trespassing.

If you’re in need of Fencing for your property or event, give the established professionals a call and see why Gomez & Son- is second to none. At Gomez & Son, “We don’t build Fences- we build lifetime relationships” Call Today! 305-699-2739

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