Why Use Temporary Fences
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Why Use Temporary Fences

Why Use Temporary Fences?

Why Use Temporary Fences? Isn’t a permanent option better? Gomez and Son Fence breaks down when you would use a temporary fence. We wanted to present a list of usage scenarios and reasons why you might consider a temporary fence instead of a more permanent solution.

Gomez and Son Fence is the premier fence authority in south Florida. The company was founded by Caridad and Heriberto Gomez in Doral Fl in 1983. We have been providing the residents, businesses, and government organizations of Miami and the greater South Florida area with quality fences that provide them the safety, privacy, and peace of mind they sought.

That’s why we know you can trust our opinion on when to consider this particular kind of fence. If these reasons don’t line up with your purpose, know that we also provide a world-class chain-link fence and a turn-key custom fabrication option that is second to none in the industry. After reading, you might also still have more questions. We’d be happy to answer them, and discuss your options. Check out our number at the bottom of the article.

  1. Make People Aware– Many times temporary fencing is used to create a perimeter around pop-up events or construction sites. The fence itself can bring awareness to an upcoming event or a new local spot. This effectively acts as advertising.
  2. Keep People in, and out, Safe– Awareness also leads to greater levels of safety. As mentioned above, temporary fencing is often used in construction sites where pedestrians would be unsafe. Putting up a temporary fence keeps those not involved in the construction project out of harm’s way.
  3. Prevent Liability Issues– Safety and awareness tie right into Liability. Even if someone of their own accord breaches the perimeter of a construction site, and is injured, simply having had properly marked fencing around the perimeter can reduce or even remove liability for injury from the site operators.  This places the fault of presence on-site on the trespasser.
  4. Provide a sense of Privacy– As mentioned above, a major use for temporary fencing is pop up events like concerts, fairs, parties, etc. These events often have tickets or invitations for a guest allowance that make the event exclusive to those permitted. Having a fence not only provides safety, and awareness of the event- but a sense of privacy to those who participate.
  5. Cost Effectivness– Compared to crafting and installing permanent solutions, temporary fencing is far more cost-effective for non-permanent situations.

We were happy to share with you our Top 5 Reasons to Use Temporary Fencing. For more information on our products or services, call today to speak with our friendly staff at: 305-699-2739

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