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Temporary Fence Contractor

Temporary Fence Contractor

Gomez Fence is a Temporary Fence Contractor who can provide your short-term event or location with a quality temporary fence. There are many different kinds and categories of fences available out there, and it can be tough to know what’s best. So when is it best to have a temporary fence installed rather than using a more permanent solution? Read on to learn more about temporary fences, as well as other more permanent options and the different situations you would use them in.

If you are managing or running an event that may only be occurring in a given location for a limited time having a temporary fence installed by Gomez fence in an incredible benefit. This could be something like a traveling fair, circus, or touring concert. This could also be temporary political rallies, charity events, and community gatherings. Another type of situation in which its good to have a temporary fence installed is a construction porject.

The reason its important to have a temporary fence at these kinds of events is due to protect that inside, protecting that outside, privacy, and liability. We can offer a temporary fence in various designs and colors so that the space can be appealing in addition to being protective. While still being cost-effective and easy to install, temporary fencing can still bring a lot of benefits with it such as theft prevention, liability management, security, privacy, and crowd control.

As mentioned above, Gomez offers other kinds of fences as well, take a look:

Chain link is the top-selling of all fence types worldwide, and it makes sense since it has very versatile applications, it’s easy to install, and it’s the most cost-effective. Having this option also means more choice of color, material, and design. The way we at Gomez & Son get color on a chain-link fence is with either powder coating or coating with a Heavy Vinyl PVC material. We can provide standard colors in Black, Dark Brown, and Dark Green or special-order colors like White or Blues.

Some examples of places that can benefit from a chain-link fence is stadiums, nuclear power plants, airports, and underwater installations, and we will install it with top quality materials.

Amongst all the fence types you have seen here, we can offer something a little more unique by fabricating something like iron fence panels and walk gates with panic bars in all kinds of dimensions and gauges. Gomez and Son can also produce crash-resistant rolling and double drive gates that meet and exceed the Department of Transportation building requirements. One of the fabrications we make is aluminum fencing, which has a design and aesthetic appeal without compromising on security. They can be installed with spearheads on top and can range in height depending on the amount of protection you need. Pool fencing in Florida is very popular, and an aluminum fence can offer the design of showcasing the pool in between the pickets while still being an appropriately solid and secure way to protect you and others.

Gomez & Son Fence has been providing custom quality fencing of all fence types for over 30 years. Call us for a free, no-obligation estimate today at 305-699-2739.

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