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Quality Fence Fabrication by Gomez

Quality Fence Fabrication by Gomez

Gomez and Son Offer Quality Fence Fabrication services to create custom solutions for your Fence needs. Gomez and Son is a family business that planted its roots in South Florida in the early 1980’s. Since then, we’ve fabricated more than just fences- we have crafted long-lasting client relationships that stand the test of time. We have done and continued to do business with some of the most highly recognized corporate clientele, and government organizations. When you have A Gomez and Son fence installed you know this means the highest quality, and safety provided by a fencing product. Read on to learn more about Custom Fabrication and our Turn-Key process.

Custom fabrication is usually done when a location requires a higher level of protection and planning in order to meet their fencing needs. Unlike our chain link fencing which uses a galvanized metal- Our fabrications use Iron panels, aluminum, and welded steel. There are several steps involved in this process. The first is to quote an estimate based on the provided figures. In order to finalize the quote, we also go on-site and take measurements at the location to be precise. After we have our official measurements our design team can create shop drawings for you in CAD (computer-aided design).  This is followed by a small mock-up.  Then the fence goes int production in which the aluminum fencing is fabricated, then galvanized. After that, if there is a particular color choice made we apply the powder coating. Lastly, the fence is delivered and installed. Within these fences, we also offer numerous safety features and options. This includes iron panels, walk gates, panic bars, and crash-resistant double and rolling drive gates which exceed the Department of transportations requirements for safety.

Custom Fabrications aren’t the only fencing type we do at Gomez and Son. We also specialize in temporary fencing solutions. These are excellent for pop-up events, construction sites, concerts, or any other temporary situation in which you need to employ a safety perimeter and methods of crowd control.  We also carry chain link fencing, which is great for parks, schools, and small residences. These options come in multiple styles and color choices as well. For more information on Gomez and Son and our fencing products don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 305-471-8922. We want to help you get your property protected today!

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