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Advantages of Gomez and Son Metal Fencing

Fences are an important part of any structure. However, each type of fence has a vastly different purpose that will inform its design. The type of fencing best used at a temporary construction site would not be effective in adding curb appeal to your home. Despite these differences, many fences share something in common: they are made of metal. Exponentially more popular than their wooden counterparts, metal fences have many advantages and can work in a wide variety of applications. Gomez & Son have been a South Florida leading provider of fences for many years. Competent in commercial, industrial, and residential designs, one of our specialties is custom and prefab metal fencing. We offer options for just about every customer, and our quality of work and service is unmatched. Take a look at some of the types of metal fences we offer and their many advantages. 


Chain Link and Temporary Fencing

Gomez & Son has made a name for themselves as South Florida’s favorite chain link and temporary metal fencing provider. This is for a few reasons. The first is that our fences are the most durable, precisely designed, and professionally installed in the area. As long as it is maintenanced occasionally, you will never have to worry about the integrity of your Gomez & Son Fence. 

We also have multiple customization options, so even your temporary or chain link can contribute to the overall aesthetic of your property. With custom colors for chain link and even graphics we can bring your fencing, and your property, to life!


Custom Metal Fences

Gomez & Son is not only a top fence installer, we also have our own full-service in-house fabrication team. We work with existing constructions or new site developments to help provide the perfect steel, iron, or aluminum fencing solution. We can provide the safest fences, including crash-resistant fences and gate guards. By choosing Gomez & SOn to create your custom fabrication, you can be sure that your fence will fit in seamlessly in terms of purpose, dimensions, and design. We also are experienced in working with a variety of additional materials, so we can still help you with a custom design if you decide metal fencing is not right for you. 


Contact us today to begin the hassle-free process of finding your property’s perfect metal fencing with Gomez & Son Fence!

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Metal Fencing

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