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Benefits of Professional Boca Raton Fencing Installation

Gomez and Son has been providing Boca Raton fencing installation for over 30 years. We know first hand just how valuable a professionally installed fence can be. While there are many ways to DIY new fencing, there are also many ways in which a self-installed fence can fall short. Read on to find out why a Gomez and Son fence is the best way to define and shield your property. 


Customization and Aesthetics

When it comes to fencing, the options can be endless. There are a litany of materials, designs, and sizes to choose from when designing a custom fencing solution. However, if you choose to buy your fencing from a hardware supplier your options will be much more limited. Gomez and Son Fence has the facilities, expertise, and equipment to turn any fencing need into a reality. We can create sturdy industrial fences or delicate and ornate residential designs. And no matter how tall, thick and heavy your fence, we have the industrial equipment needed to transport and install it. Without these tools, options for type and size of fencing available to you are much slimmer. There are also some types of fencing which are just not feasible to purchase and install yourself, such as crash-resistant gates. Even the most specialized requests can be met by Gomez and Son. 



Gomez and Son Fences uses the highest quality materials and only works with the most respected fencing suppliers, so your finished fence will be much more durable than mass-produced options. Especially in South Florida, your fences can be subject to extreme outdoor conditions. Our fences will not fade or warp due to water and UV damage. We also take the highest level of care during installation to make sure that your fence’s foundation is sturdy. This is particularly important during hurricane season when strong winds can rip a poorly erected fence right out of the ground. By investing in Professional Boca Raton Fencing Installation, you will save immensely in maintenance and repair costs in the long term. 



A fence is only as good as its weakest spot, and if even one area is vulnerable, then your fence, on the whole, is not doing its job. Even a small oversight during install can lead to a weak spot forming or worsening. For example, we have had many clients reach out after their fence failed to keep their dogs or other pets contained. Sometimes the foundation of the fence was weak or even nonexistent, letting dogs burrow right underneath. Other times, a smaller fence was used for ease and it simply is too short to restrain a bigger animal. Gomez and Son will take all of your needs into account to make sure your fence completely serves its purpose. 


There is a reason that our name is Gomez and Son. Our strong family work ethic is the driving force behind our company and the reason our customers have continually requested our service for decades. Whether you are looking for a completely customized fence, or just want to make sure your installation is done right, you can trust us to deliver expert service in a timely and friendly manner. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Boca Raton Fencing Installation 

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