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Choose the Best Temporary Fence

Choose the Best Temporary Fence

Choose the Best Temporary Fence by going with the pros at Gomez Fence, a family owned South Florida Company!

Gomez and Son Fence is the premier fence provider in south Florida. The company was founded by Caridad and Heriberto Gomez in Doral Fl in 1983. We provide top quality fences to clients in Miami and surrounding South Florida regions. We have built a reputation for providing high-quality fences that provide safety, privacy, and peace of mind to clients.

Why do we believe that you can trust our advice on when to install this type of fence? For example, if these considerations do not align with your objective, know that we also provide a top-rated chain-link fence and a first-class custom fabrication service that is second to none in the industry. The following question may still remain. We would be happy to discuss your options. Read below to learn the best use cases for a Temporary Fence, and don’t hesitate to call the number at the bottom of the page!

Awareness is a major factor. Fences can be made temporary to keep pop-up events or construction sites out of view or to advertise an upcoming event or a new local spot. Tied Right into awareness is safety, and security. Increased levels of safety also result from increased awareness. It is often unsafe for pedestrians to traverse construction sites because of temporary fencing. Keeping those who are not involved in the work out of danger is what temporary fencing does. One of the main reasons for ensuring safety, aside from saftey itself, is liability. Even if someone accidentally trespasses onto a construction site and gets injured, and even if they do it on purpose, having proper-marked fencing around the perimeter can remove much or all of their liability. This places the fault of presence on-site on the trespasser. When anyone is building out a new area, privacy in the workspace is a factor as well. Fences can be used for a variety of purposes, including pop-up events such as concerts, fairs, parties, and the like. Frequently, tickets or invitations to a guest allowance are required for the event. Those who attend may have a sense of privacy and security as well as be aware of the event. Cost Effectiveness- Compared to crafting and installing permanent solutions, temporary fencing is far more cost-effective for non-permanent situations.

Gomez Fence Knows how important A Temporary Fence can be, and we’re glad to share with you how to choose the best temporary fence! For more information on our products or services, call today to speak with our friendly staff at: 305-699-2739

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