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Aluminum Fencing Solutions from a Commercial Fence Company in Miami

The benefits of a commercial fence company in Miami installing aluminum fencing on a property cannot be understated. Aluminum fences are a popular fence choice for their characteristic durability, security, and safety advantages. An aluminum commercial fence installation can bring peace of mind to any large scale property while saving property owners money in the long term.

These benefits continue to make aluminum fences popular with commercial properties of all shapes and types. Not only can these tough fences keep criminals at bay but are considered relatively easy to maintain and can stay looking like new for years to come. The following article will highlight some of the security benefits that aluminum fencing can provide properties and why they are among the best fencing choices.

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Aluminum Fencing Compared To Other Fences

Although fences are good at setting the boundaries of a property, not all fences are capable of providing the same security advantages as aluminum fences. Other fencing options provided by a commercial fence company in Miami can prevent intruders from climbing a fence they can be tampered with. The design of aluminum fences prevents intruders from climbing over or attempting to cut through the fence.

Some property owners also opt for specialized picket options when considering aluminum commercial fence installation on their property. One such feature includes spear pickets at the top of an aluminum fence which can prevent intruders from climbing over. Furthermore, the height of the aluminum fence can be customized and increased which will make jumping over the fence physically impossible.

In some circumstances, a business may need to prevent small animals from passing through the spaces usually present in other types of fences. In these cases, aluminum fences can be customized with double pickets which can prevent small animals from passing through onto or out of the property. The ability to customize aluminum fences means property owners can address their specific security concerns.

Durability Of Aluminum Fencing

One of the characteristics of aluminum fences which make them a popular choice for a commercial fence company in Miami is their incredible durability and easy maintainability. Aluminum fences do not rust or deteriorate like wood or wrought-iron fencing. This ensures the condition of the fence remains strong in any climate and through all weather conditions.

Property owners with aluminum fencing also do not need to worry about annually repainting the fence since the paint used does not easily wear out. Aluminum fences generally require far less maintenance and repair compared to other fence types. This makes aluminum fences not only a great security solution but also a convenient one that requires little attention.

About Gomez And Son Fence

Gomez and Son Fence is the premier commercial fence company in Miami providing high-quality aluminum fence installation. With over thirty years of successful experience in fabricating the best-designed fencing while using the highest quality materials available. We provide clients with a number of commercial fence installation services which can improve the appearance of a property while providing a durable security solution.

These services include temporary fencing with a wide range of designs and colors, custom fabricated fences including ornamental, welded steel, aluminum, and even custom combinations, along with cost-effective chain link fence installation. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers and guarantee satisfaction with every job completed.

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