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Commercial Fence Installation Miami

When searching for commercial fence installation Miami it is important to consider which fence would provide you with the most benefits while staying within budget. The traditional chain link fence installation has a number of positive benefits that a variety of properties can truly benefit from.

Long-Lasting Durability

Typical wooden fences have their own benefits however they require heavy maintenance due to their constant exposure to harmful elements in the environment. By contrast, chain link fences do not require the same level of regular and heavy maintenance as their wooden counterpart.

Chain link fences are characteristically durable and are able to endure some of the most difficult environmental conditions. This durability is tied to the zinc coating that the chain link fences are made of, which prevents corrosion in rainy climates such as those found in South Florida.

Cleaning a chain link fence is also extremely easy compared to the time-consuming process of repainting a wooden fence. Stains are easily removed using a high-pressure hose with water and a brush and typically takes no longer than a few minutes of time, saving you from unnecessary hassle.

Customers are able to improve the weather protection of their chain link fence by applying a vinyl coating thus adding another layer of protection to their investment. These reasons make commercial fence installation in Miami for chain link fences the most durable and easy to maintain option.

More Protection For Less

Although chain link fences are highly affordable, they still deliver effective protection from intruders while also being aesthetically pleasing and affordable for a variety of budgets. Chain link fences come in a number of heights and their design allows people to have a clear view of a property’s boundaries while also providing security.

The number of variations of chain link fences allows properties to integrate the design best suited for their needs. Furthermore, Gomez and Son Fence can provide clients with custom designs including the gauge thickness of their chain link fence.

Gauge thickness comes in light to very heavy gauge thickness and can serve to enhance the security of a chain link fence. A heavier gauge provides better security, however, the see-through visibility is lessened as a result.

We are also able to customize the wire mesh dimensions of your chain link fence which can provide added durability while also keeping intruders out.

About Gomez and Son Fence

Since 1983, Gomez and Son Fence has been the premier choice for commercial fence installation Miami through our dedication to one-hundred percent customer satisfaction with every project. We are proud to deliver outstanding fence design and are the most precise technical operation in the business.

Gomez and Son Fence can customize and fabricate all types of commercial grade fencing available and use only the highest quality materials in our projects. Contact us today to receive a free quote or if you have any questions about the specifications of your project.

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Commercial Fence Installation Miami

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