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Custom Fence Contractor

Do you know how to choose the right fence custom contractor for your home? Gomez Fence can help.

First, it’s important that you do your research on the contractor that will be working on your project. This includes looking up their names, addresses, contact info, and any other information you can find. Why? Because you don’t want to fall into the same trap as so many other homeowners—who have good intentions, but make poor choices when hiring an exterior contractor. Gomez fence has been providing quality fences as a Custom Fence contractor to the people of south Florida for over 30 years. We have worked with many amazing and well known major organizations. This includes The Miami transit system, airports, schools, and neighborhoods.

The amazing team at Gomez fence provides a wealthy of skills and experience. Installing a prebuild fence is one thing, but when wanting a custom fence is another. Gomez Fence can provide both types of serviced, but we are well renowned for our incredible custom fence designs.  Now that you have some knowledge on what to look for, let’s take a look at some factors to consider before hiring anyone.

First always get an estimat4e, a contractor who just wants to take your money and start working is a red flag. which brings us to our next point, time and patience. A good custom fence contractor will have the patience and time dedicated to inspecting the property and talking wit the client about the proposed work. They’ll go into detail about he materials required costs, and give a solid estimate to the total before commuting. Any permits needed or other regulatory factors must be worked out prior to finalization. Gomez Fence will ensure to do all this for you and more.

Custom fence designs allow you to do more than the average fence installation. For instance, you can have the fence designed and tailored to provide an aesthetic look which perfectly enhances and matches the look of the existing property. Beyond this you can have Gomez add practicality features with applicable use to the fence. For example this includes custom gate designs either hinged, or sliding. These gates can be electronic or manual, and we can even help you integrate access control hardware into your custom gate. We only use the finest materials, and provide the estimate, materials, design and construction, painting id needed, and installation of the fence as well. From the start to finish we are there to ensure the project meets your needs and is of the utmost standard! no matter the property type- home opry business, Gomez Fence is your Custom Fence Contractor!

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