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Custom Made Fence by Gomez and Son

Custom Made Fence by Gomez and Son

Gomez and Son have been the go-to guys for designing and installation of any custom-made fence in the South Florida greater area for over thirty years! We desire to always exceed the expectations of the customers who choose to trust us with the quality, and craftsmanship of their fences. Not only can you work with us to acquire a quality custom-made fence, but we actually maintain a fully turnkey fabrication operation that truly is best-in-class for the industry. From start to finish we’ll be there to help with all the fence-related services including take-offs, estimates, field measurements, show drawings, mock-ups, galvanizing, powder coating, aluminum fabrication, office or onsite delivery, and crash-resistant gates.

We can produce fences with ornamentals, made of aluminum, and welded steel as well. The manufacturers we use to source our materials are only the highest-rated and most well-regarded organizations such as Delguard, OnGuard, Specrail, Gilpin, and Xcel Aluminum.  These are all of course American manufacturers of fence materials. The level of quality control involved in our process is extremely high. We like to think that a fence offers protection and peace of mind, but doesn’t have to sacrifice beauty, aesthetics, or a natural flow with the property to do so. In fact, a well-made, good-looking fence can increase the property value of the location it is installed on. A custom-made fence makes for a great investment all around since aluminum fencing can last for over 20 years. We are able to add spearheads to our fencing for additional layers of security as it pertains to your perimeter. If you are concerned about keeping pets on the premises who are prone to escaping, we can place the posts close enough to each other that this would be prevented.

We are known mostly for our gorgeous, top-quality, custom-made fence options, but we also carry and install other fence categories as well for various purposes. This includes Aluminum fences often seen around schools, parks, medical facilities, and other government or public areas.  Additionally, we provide temporary fence solutions for pop up events, and construction sites as well.

No matter what purpose you need, Gomez & Son Fence is a renowned fence fabricator in South Florida for making beautifully designed fencing using only the highest quality materials. Gomez and Son stand by all of their installations and products as their goal is to keep customers happy for many years to come. We are not only a quality fence fabricator, we can also install chain link fencing and temporary fencing. Let us handle all your fencing needs and give you the reassurance of a safe and happy home. Call us with any questions at 305-699-2739.

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