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Fence Choices at Gomez and Son

Fence Choices at Gomez and Son

When you’re choosing a fence for your home or business, Gomez & Son Fence have plenty of fence choices for you to choose from. You no longer need to feel like you need to settle for something you don’t like the look of just to have something high quality and secure. You can have both with a selection of not only beautiful, custom-designed fencing, but top-quality fence choices using the best commercial or industrial grade materials.

We can offer a variety of different fencing options depending on the needs of our clients. For example, chain link fencing is one of the most popular kinds of fencing since it is cost effective and easy to install. You also have the ability to see through the fencing if that is something that matters for the kind of property that requires the fence. Gomez Fence can provide standard colors or even special colors like whit or blue. These tend to be perfect for a tropical climate.

Examples of who can benefit from this type of fence are establishments like stadiums, airports, and even underwater installations.

When it comes to our fabricated fences, you also have a choice of ornamental fencing, aluminum fencing, and welded steel fences. Aluminum fences provide all the safety and security your property requires and the look can even increase the property value. It can last for over 20 years, and Gomez and Son Fence use only the top manufacturers for the materials used, making this a great investment.

Our other fence choices include:

  1. The Perimeter/General Purpose Fence which is usually used for businesses. It’s an all-purpose fence that offers an aesthetic appeal without compromising on security.

  2. Commercial Fencing which can be used for stadiums, parking lots and secured areas that require a heavy-duty fence for protection.

  3. Security Fencing can be installed with spearheads on top of each picket as well as designs that can range in height form four to eight feet high for maximum protection.

  4. Pet fencing can be installed with pickets placed close enough together to keep pets and animals safely inside.

And if you need it, we also provide temporary fencing which is great for a variety of services or outdoor events. Whether that’s an outdoor festival, concert, sporting event, or you need to enclose a temporary construction site, temporary fencing is very easy and quick to install.

Please call 305-471-8922 for any questions or a free estimate. We have been providing quality fence choices for over 30 years and are excited to give every one of our clients the absolute best fence for them.

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