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Fence Fabrication Project

Fence Fabrication Project

Looking to hire a contractor for a Fence Fabrication Project? Call Gomez fence Today!

The need for a reliable fence fabricator is as constant today as it has ever been, and the demand is growing. As more people head to the metropolitan areas and beyond, they’re bringing their own desires for DIY projects and home improvement ideas with them. This also includes business and commercial properties as well. This can include fencing and building projects of all kinds. Before you pick a contractor, make sure you talk to us here at Gomez Fences. With over 30 years of experience, our quotes and project hisotry will leave you wow’ed! Our quotes will be indicative of a certain level of quality and service. The cheapest quote doesn’t mean that the contractor performing the work will not deliver a high-quality product or service. Consider that our pricing is set based on our quality of work, and we have performed work for some of the highest regarded business and government organizations. A wide variety of contractors offer various services such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, drainage, painting, paving or seeding. At Gomez we specialize in a variety of fence project, but our Fence Fabrication Project department is our most sought after.

We specialize in galvanized steel and aluminum fences, we can also provide wood fences as well as your typical cyclone or chain link fence. Any of these can be designed and set to your specifications. Although we don’t always recommended, for the right location we can also install wooden fences.

Our most highly received projects are our fence fabrication projects. We can design a fence from the ground up to meet your locations highly specific needs. We don’t slack on quality or building materials either as we sourced only the highest rated parts and materials. We can even incorporate completely custom designs such as gates, fences, access and electronic control, and more.

No matter what purpose you need, Gomez & Son Fence is a renowned fence fabricator in South Florida for making beautifully designed fencing using only the highest quality materials. Gomez and Son stand by all of their installations and products as their goal is to keep customers happy for many years to come. We are not only a quality fence fabricator, we can also install chain link fencing and temporary fencing. Let us handle all your fencing needs and give you the reassurance of a safe and happy home. Call us with any questions at 305-699-2739.

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