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Fence Options at Gomez And Son

Fence Options at Gomez And Son

If you’re looking at many different Fence options, and need a bit of guidance figuring out what best suits your needs, Gomez & Son Fence will not only help you figure that out but help you get that fence put where it needs to be. We install fences all over the southern part of the state and are licensed and insured contractors in Florida. There are many fence products we offer, such as chain link and temporary fencing installation, which are both amazing fence options that each have their own benefits.

For example, consider a chain-link fence for commercial and residential purposes. Chain-link is incredibly cost-effective for a more permanent solution, and it is very easy to install. With plenty of choices in color, material, and design, along with options of adding a gate, chain-link is a fantastic choice for things like stadiums, nuclear power plants, airports, underwater installations, parks, and more!

Temporary fencing, another one of the many fence options available through Gomez fence, is the best choice for locations that won’t always need the privacy or protection of a fence.  A construction company, for example, can benefit from having a barrier that prevents people from coming into a work site. Other short-term events like fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and shows could use temporary fencing for security and crowd control as well.

There is a third choice amongst our fence options as well. If you need a totally custom solution or something with an enhanced level of style or craftsmanship, look no further than a custom fabricated fence. We offer a full-service turnkey fabrication operation which features: take-offs, estimates, field measurements, show drawings, mock-ups, galvanizing, powder coating, aluminum fabrication, office or onsite delivery, and crash-resistant gates!

Here’s a list of some of the fence options available through custom fabrication:

  • Ornamental fences—you can feel safe and secure while still having the look and design you need to still look stylish or professional, no matter the reason.
  • Aluminum fencing—while improving the value of you property, aluminum fencing also helps keep you, your family, and your property safe.
  • Security Fencing—which can be installed with spearheads on top of each picket as well as designs that can range in height form four to eight feet high for maximum protection.
  • Pet fencing—pickets can be installed closer together to ensure the utmost safety for your pets.
  • Pool fencing—offer security while showcasing your pool landscape with aluminum fencing.

The Gomez family has been a top-quality fence provider for over 30 years, providing top-quality fence installation customized to meet the needs of our individual clients. We work with businesses, residents, and government entities and guarantee 100% satisfaction every time. Call today at 305-471-8922 for a free estimate.

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