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Quality Fences at Gomez and Son Fence

Quality Fences at Gomez and Son Fence

Gomez and Son have been serving the South Florida community with the creation and installation of Quality Fences for over Thirty Years. Our operation is highly reputable and is of course fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida. We offer a variety of quality fences to choose from. It might be that you even need a bit of help deciding or understanding the different types of fences available, or which will suit your needs the most. There are three main categories of fences that we work with. these are referred to as Chain-link, Temporary, and Custom Fabrication. Our Fabrication operation is particularly well known for its quality and craftsmanship,. Read on to learn all about our options, and the different types of quality fences Gomez and Son can install for you- today!

Chain link-
The most common type of fence on earth, chain link is used in so many places there’s no doubt you’ve seen it so much you don’t even notice it anymore. Chain link is used at government facilities, schools, hospitals, parks, plazas, churches, neighborhoods, playgrounds, and many more places! It’s such a versatile option and our chain link comes in several different color choices. Gomez Chain link is also composed of some of the most high-quality galvanized aluminum and you know it’s here to stay!

When it comes to forms of temporary fencing, it’s a great way to save both time and money while having many uses. A construction company, for example, can benefit from having a barrier that prevents people from coming into a work site. Other short-term events like fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and shows could use temporary fencing for security and crowd control as well. These fences help create a temporary space of privacy and protection against and for the outside of the event.

Custom Fabrication-
Now, if you need something with a bit more variety of commercial and industrial grade materials, there are types of fence we can create here at Gomez & Son out of our fabrication department. You can expect our full turn-key fabrication includes services such as take-offs, estimates, field measurements, show drawings, mock-ups, galvanizing, powder coating, aluminum fabrication, office or onsite delivery, and crash-resistant gates!

The Gomez family has been a top-quality fencing provider for over 30 years, providing top-quality fence installation customized to meet the needs of our individual clients. We work with businesses, residents, and government entities and guarantee 100% satisfaction every time. Call today at 305-471-8922 for a free estimate.

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