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Tips To Choose Local Fence Installers

Choosing local fence installers is an important decision if you want to make the most of your fencing investment. Commercial fence installations should be built to last and made from high-quality materials that stay intact for years to come.

Knowing what to look for when choosing the best local fence installers in your area will help make your selection easier. If you’re interested in speaking with an experienced professional fence installation company in Miami, contact Gomez and Son Fence today to speak with one of our friendly technicians.

How To Choose Local Fence Installers

Does the fence company have an office?

Seek a fence installer that has proven experience and references. It’s common for some fence installers to act as if they are professionals yet are in fact working alone from their own home or garage. 

Be sure to research potential local fence installers thoroughly. You can also contact your local area Better Business Bureau to view a report on potential fence installation companies or fence contractors.

Does the fence company use its own employees or do they use subcontractors?

Choosing a fence contractor that uses their own technicians is important because employees are accountable to the company they work for. This type of relationship benefits you since most reputable fence companies train their employees themselves and have control over things like shipping dates, materials used, and scheduling. 

They will also have stronger communication during the installation process. The fence company you choose should be able to give you an accurate timeline for your project, too. Subcontractors, on the other hand, set their own schedules and can alter the timeline to suit their own schedules.

Does the fence company provide a guarantee and warranty?

Reputable local fence installers will provide their customers with a written guarantee and have a good warranty policy. A year warranty is common among fence installation companies, though some have extended warranties available, as well.

How long has the fence installation company been established?

Experienced local fence installers will have decades of proven experience installing fences of all kinds and in all terrains. You should feel comfortable that the fence company you choose to work with has a thorough understanding of the best materials to use and steps to take to ensure your fencing is made to last.

Speak With South Florida Fencing Contractors

Gomez and Son Fence is proud to be among the top fencing contractors in South Florida. We have several decades of experience installing commercial fences using the highest quality materials and practices.

Our exceptional standards, experience, and commitment to full customer satisfaction are what truly set us apart from our competitors. Contact Gomez and Son Fence or call 305-699-2739 today to request a free fencing estimate.

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